Increase Your Google AdSense Earnings In 8 Easy Steps

Increase Your Google AdSense Earnings in 8 Easy Steps

Increase Your Google AdSense Earnings

Hello, blogger! You’ve finally integrated Google AdSense into your blog, and you’re looking to make some cool cash from it. You might even be making some money already from Google AdSense but are looking to make some more.

If you’re a blogger and you don’t have an AdSense account, you really should look into getting one for yourself. AdSense is an excellent way of getting an advertisement on your blog. It is the easiest way to make money from your blog.

Every time a visitor clicks on the AdSense ad on your blog, money is paid to you. It is a secure and globally recognized advertisement programme owned by Google, and if your blog gets authorization, there’s no reason you can’t earn.

However this post is about how to increase Google AdSense earnings, so I enjoin every Oliver Twist to hop on this ride as we show you how to optimise Google AdSense earnings in these straightforward steps.

how to increase Google AdSense earnings

8 Steps for Increasing Your Google AdSense Earnings

Get Search Engine Optimization

Organic traffic is very important for AdSense. Ads from AdSense are at optimal performance when your blog traffic comes from search engines. The best way to get organic traffic is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Your blog cannot generate income without SEO. So, learn SEO techniques to enable you to optimise your content, site, and structure. This will pull fresh visitors to your blog in no time, thereby increasing your Google AdSense earnings.

These few tips and tricks can help garner more search traffic.

— Use the right SEO tools to improve your search rankings. SEMrush, Long Tail Pro, WordPress SEO by Yoast will prove to be highly effective in this regard.

— Use relevant keywords that make sense. Don’t let your content get saturated with same keywords again and again. Remember that you’re blogging for an audience.

— Make use of long tail keywords while creating content for your website/blog. Long tail keywords are a lot easier to rank for than short keywords. If your blog is new and you want to rank easily, ensure your keywords contain more than four words.

— Choose keywords that are generating high CPC rates.

Review Your Traffic Sources

The sources of your traffic matter a lot. This is the reason why your CPC (Cost per Click) may be low despite having a large number of views every month. Getting traffic from the United States and the UK is very vital if you want to increase CPC. Make sure to target traffic from these countries.

Where Are Your Ads Placed?

When it comes to getting high CTR, the location of your ads will determine how much you earn. If you want to know to how to increase your Google AdSense earnings, you need to put ads around your content and above the fold.

This is because ads placed above the fold perform a lot better than ads placed below the fold. The more obvious the ads are, the higher the chances of them being noticed by visitors. Be careful not to put too many ads on your blog because it may turn off visitors.

Know the perfect Ad Size

All sites are not the same. However, publishers most likely see 0.35 eCPMs when they use the wider ad size. This is because advertisers have a preference for wider units for their premium inventory, leading to higher bids for your ad placements.

Do a test run by changing single on the more popular pages and monitor your visitors’ reactions to them. In regards to sizes of ads, the following sizes work best for AdSense:

— 160×600 
— 300×250
 — 728×90
 — 336×280

Use Text and Image Ads

Make it possible for your ad units to display text and image ad types. This will increase the number of ads clamoring to advertise on your site. If you have more advertisers trying to get their ads to appear on your site in the ad auction bid, it means there’ll be higher bids generating higher earnings for you.

If you’ve not enabled both text and image ads, all you need to do is go to the “My Ads’ tab and select ‘Edit and Type,’ right next to the ad on the list. This will guarantee an increase in the Cost per Click of Ads on your blog. What this means is that even though your blog visitors or visitors clicking on the ads links on your blog do not increase, your earning definitely will.

Use the Right Colours

To optimize your Google AdSense earnings, make sure the colors used to design your ads titles are catchy enough to grab the attention of most of your visitors. If you intend to get your visitors to click on the ads without actually asking them to, so make use of colors to increase your AdSense earnings.

Keep Your Site Running constantly

The internet world moves very fast. A delay in page loading can be a turn-off for most of your potential visitors. How much more if your server is down?

Take care of every present and potential problem your site might face; be it long URLs, slow loading speed, images with no alt tags, lost meta description, etc. With SEMrush, you can easily find these problems and tackle them before they make you lose more visitors.

Know When to Block Ads

Don’t be in haste to allow all ads. Some advertisers pay tiny per click; you want to block that kind. Don’t permit ads from categories that do not pertain to your site. Instead, permit ads that pay well and groups related to the niche of your blog.

By doing this, you’ll encourage targeted ads to come to your site. Targeted ads will get more clicks because they are in line with the kind of content you create. More clicks, of course, translate into an increase in your Google AdSense Earnings.
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With these eight steps, we’re confident that how to increase your Google AdSense earnings will no longer be the question running through your mind. Good luck! Pages you may like: Being The Best Search Engine Optimization Experts To Get More Organic Traffic

Pages you may like: Being The Best Search Engine Optimization Experts To Get More Organic Traffic
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